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New Mexico Bedroom Collection

Southwest Style Complete Bedroom Set "New Mexico"

Our Southwestern style New Mexico bedroom features simple clean lines with stair step cuttings and Spanish bullet carvings. The bed headboard & footboard is handcrafted with slat type boards matching pieces in this Southwest style bedroom set are chest of drawers, night stands, night tables, trastero (armoire) and mirror. It's offered in several stain colors and finishes.

Individual pieces are also available and any combination is possible. We carry all popular sizes from twin to California King as well as headboard only instead of the complete bed.

 Feel free to contact us anytime is you have any questions regarding our New Mexico bedroom set or any other item.

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 Southwest Furniture, New Mexico King Size Bed

Southwest "New Mexico" king size bed, features accent paint in Spanish bullet carvings

New Mexico King Size Bed Red and White Accent Bullet

New Mexico king size bed with red & white accent on Spanish bullets carvings

New Mexico Queen Size Bed With Tall Headboard & footboard

New Mexico queen size bed, this custom model features tall headboard & footboard with matching night stands with three drawers. Available in all sizes wide variety of colors.

New Mexico Complete Bedroom Set, Honey Stain

This New Mexico bedroom set features honey stain regular bed in queen size, night stand with door & drawer and a wide chest of 4 drawers.

  •  Bed: This clean lined bed features headboard, footboard, side rails and slats. It's hand crafted out of 11/2 stock sugar pine wood with just a touch of southwest New Mexican style carving called bullets, a stair step out line and slats that run vertically with an open back. All edges have been carved out for more of a soft look. also available in king, full and twin sizes, call for pricing.

  •  Trastero: Or armoire made out of sugar pine this 32"w 20"d 74"h piece features two full length doors with 5 adjustable wooden shelves inside.

  •  Chest of 4 drawers:  36"w 18"d 46"h  features four 8" deep drawers.

  •  Night stand: 24"w 22"d 24"h features one 5" drawer. Door opening is 8"w 17"h

  •  Mirror: 30"h 40"h

  •  Headboard Only: Also sold separately the headboard can be attached to any metal frame. Also available in king, full and twin size, call for pricing.

All pieces are available in a wide variety of colors. Shown: Honey, check list below for more choices

New Mexico Bedroom Set, Jacobean Stain

New Mexico bedroom set featuring "Jacobean" stain. This particular set features a wide dresser with 4 large drawers center and bottom part and three smaller ones on top. Night stand with door & drawer and wide mirror. Headboard only.

New Mexico Bedroom Set Honey Stain

New Mexico Bedroom Set, queen size headboard, honey stain, night stand with door & drawer. Wide dresser with 4 large and three smaller drawers on top. Trastero-Armoire with slat doors & three drawers.

New Mexico Bedroom Set, Show

New Mexico Bedroom Set. This particular model features queen size complete bed, night table, trastero-armoire with slat doors on top and regular panel doors on bottom, chest  with four drawers

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"New Mexico" Trastero-Armoires

A Trastero is a cabinet used as a cupboard in Mexico. In New Mexico these cabinets have been used mostly for storage and not necessarily for cups and dishes. In the American Southwest these days Trasteros are used as a cabinet that can be put anywhere in the house or office to store items you want to keep behind doors or not used regularly. Custom made Trasteros can be made to serve as many uses as you want from clothes storage to elaborated entertainment units. Trasteros are offered in any model or collection of our catalog, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

New Mexico Trastero Armoire, Red White Bullets Number 1 New Mexico Trastero Armoire Sandblasted Doors Number 2 New Mexico Trastero Armoire, All Drawers Behind Doors Number 3 New Mexico Trastero Armoire Pink And Turquoise Bullets Number 4 New Mexico Trastero-Armoire All Slat Doors Number 5 New Mexico Trastero-Armoire 4 Drawer And Shelves Number 6
1 2 3 4 5 6

Custom New Mexico Trastero-Armoire Model Variations

  •  1.- Slatted doors on top regular panel doors bottom, accent paint.
  •  2.- Pocket doors, drawers on bottom  part. behind doors, sandblasted accent figures.
  •  3.- Armoire with 5 drawers from top to bottom hidden behind panel doors
  •  4.- Armoire with two half slatted doors on top and three drawers, accent paint
  •  5.- All slat door trastero with shelves or drawers or combination of both.
  •  6.- Trastero-Armoire with 4 drawers & 2 shelves behind panel doors.

Other Separate-Custom New Mexico Bedroom Furniture

New Mexico Dresser Easter New Mexico Headboard, Easter New Mexico End-Night Table, Coastal Route Stain New Mexico Queen Headboard
New Mexico Dresser Easter Headboard Night Table Queen Headboard

      Prices for other sizes

New Mexico Bedroom Collection


Dimensions Price
     Queen Canopy Bed Standard $1,485

Complete queen bed

Standard $1,175
   TV Trastero 3 Drawers 36"w $1,195

Trastero w/ Shelves

32"w $895

Chest of drawers

34"w 50"h $960
     7 Drawer Dresser 66"w    $1,050

Night stand drawer/door

24"w 24"h 22"d $439
 Night Table drawer/ Shelf 24"w 24"h 22"d $395
    Mirror 30"w 40"h $395


Queen $595

Customizing Is Available For All Furniture.

 If you're looking for a particular piece of furniture in a specific finish, color or dimensions just let us know. We'll make it for you !

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