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Here at Great Southwest Furniture Design, Inc we are home to some of the finest selections of custom Southwest style furniture available on the Internet and have been since we were established back in 1993 by Julian Reyes. Julian is the president of the company and head designer as well as master carver.

He worked for a couple of manufacturers of Southwestern furniture in Albuquerque before deciding to open this company, which is his first previously named Route 66 Design.

Our website, was deployed back in late 1999. Our aim is to produce the highest quality furniture using American kiln dried pine wood, alder and oak. Here at Great Southwest Furniture Design we differ from other companies, for example we are not retailers or resellers of furniture. Instead we make all of our furniture from scratch using nothing but original designs and then we simply sell what we produce, giving you the consumer unique, stylish and elegant pieces of furniture for all rooms of your property that aren’t available to buy from anywhere else. We feel this is an important part of our business as the person you are dealing with when you order your furniture will be the same person who designed, built, carved, finished and upholstered your furniture; in some cases they will even be the person who delivers your furniture!

Some of you may now be left thinking what is so special about our furniture compared to a high street retailer? Well it all comes down to design. I can guarantee that you will find a nice piece of furniture at any retailer or reseller but it will be lacking design wise. It won’t have the personal touch that you are looking for; it will just be generic and like everyone else’s. Here at Great Southwest Furniture Design however we will work to gain as much information about you, the customer, as possible. Dimensions, carving details and stain color are examples of some of the design features that we will discuss with you to create a truly individual piece of furniture that caters for your every need. So what are you waiting for? Get your order in now!

In 2000 Julian was approached by a man called Phil Watson, who some of you may know as the former producer for HGTV's, "The Furniture Show," which used to air on television every Sunday. Phil Watson gave us an opportunity to gain national exposure by featuring our company on his program. It involved shooting scenes and interviews at the shop as well as some video being taken at the customer’s property. Have a look for yourselves as the video is available to watch right now!

When you place your furniture order, we will personally get in touch with you to discuss your order and make sure that it is on schedule for when you want it. This schedule will usually be between one to eight weeks for completion, depending on the complexity of your order. It could take up to eight weeks for your furniture to be completed due to the fact that all of our pieces of furniture are carefully hand crafted with no assembly line. What you get in return for your wait however makes it all worthwhile! Your piece of furniture that you order from us at Great Southwest Furniture Design will exceed your wildest expectations and every detail, carving or color that you wanted will shine through giving you the personal touch that retailers or resellers always lack. Some of our customers have been that impressed by the work we present them with that they have often requested for the furniture to be autographed. Sound interesting? Well carry on reading and find out how to place your order today.

When you place an order for a piece of furniture with us here at Great Southwest Furniture Design we will require a 60% deposit of your order to be placed. This can be done via check or credit card; we will then start work on your order. You will be given plenty of time to ensure that you get all aspects of your design right such as the carving and color and we will personally assist you when you are making these decisions. Once your order is completed or near completion we will contact you and provide you with information regarding the delivery of your furniture. It is at this time that you will pay the remainder of the price for your piece of furniture but photographic evidence of your finished furniture can be provided if you require it.

You are under no obligation to buy if you merely wish to just inquire about the service that we provide. We can provide you with an estimate and we can discuss elements of the furniture before you make any decisions as we will review all of the details about your order before you place it. This way you know exactly what you are getting for a set price.

We hope that the above information will help you decide to do business with us and become another of our satisfied customers. If you have any questions or comments for us then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at anytime via the information provided on the contact page of this website.

So place your order today with us here at Great Southwest Furniture Design, Inc and let us exceed all of your expectations!

Great Southwest Furniture Design on AD Russia

Architectural Digest, Russian Edition Appearance August 2009

Architectural Digest, Russia

Published by

Condé Nast Russia

Building 7, 11 Bolshayana Dmitrovka, Moscow, 125009 Russia

Albuquerque Journal     Home  Furnishings     Friday, March 17, 2000

Brothers join forces to create elaborate Southwest furniture

By Tracy Dingman

The talent of three brothers goes into each piece of furniture produced at Great Southwest Furniture Design in Albuquerque.

There's Julian Reyes, who designs and painstakingly carves his New Mexican-style tables, chairs beds and media cabinets for walk-in and custom clients.

Together the brothers have been in business for seven years, first in Tijeras as Route 66 Design and now in the heights as great southwest for the past year. Twelve years ago, the three emigrated to Albuquerque from Torreon, Mexico, to join relatives who lived here.

A glance through their Great Southwest showroom reveals elaborately carved sugar pine furniture in classic New Mexican style. Massive media centers with painted accents sit next to towering canopy beds and low broad tables. Styles come painted in red, green or antiqued paint accents or finished in honey colored stain.

The detailed carving is perhaps the most eye-catching feature of Julian Reyes' work. It can take him as long as a day to carve a single leg for a table. His tools are "pretty basic---a table saw, joiner, shapers and sanders." He says he taught himself the trade and the New Mexican style years ago.

Customers can either come to Great Southwest and buy furniture off the floor or order it specially made, said Reyes, who does the consulting with the customers.

"They can order more carving, less carving, bigger or smaller, painted or not," he said.

Working on custom orders, he has created literally hundreds of designs.

The Reyes brothers' showroom is located off the beaten tourist track. 

The brothers try to grab the tourist dollar by advertising in publications such as the New Mexico Traveler and Guest Guide, which are distributed to every hotel room in the state. They also have a Web site at

But people who live all over the country will hear about Great  Southwest  when a segment about the store appears on the cable channel HGTV in May.

The brothers were chosen to appear on HGTV's "The Furniture Show" by Phil Watson, the show's executive producer.

The show will air sometime in May on HGTV, which can be seen at cable channel 49 here in Albuquerque.

Watson said he found out about Great Southwest by word of mouth while at an area trade show.

"This guy was telling me, 'Gee, you ought to check these guys out. These three brothers have come out of nowhere pretty rapidly,' " Said Watson in an interview from his North Carolina headquarters. The Reyes Brothers' company is just the kind of outfit the show likes to feature, said Watson.

"Manufacturers like Great Southwest are really the treasures of America's home furnishings industry," Watson said "These companies do everything by hand, and they make their pieces one at a time.

"Unlike the larger automated companies that are building furniture in gigantic production facilities, there is a heritage of woodworking and craftsmanship here which HGTV feels our viewers need to know about."

The Reyes brothers have seen the six minute segment and say they love the way their furniture looks.

The show is quite influential in furniture and home design circles, which should be good for business, said Julian Reyes, who added, "This will give us the reputation that we need."

Used with permission


Julian Reyes    

OK, here is this so you all know who is designing and hand carving your furniture.