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If you're seriously considering ordering furniture from our company and want to preview the quality of our work online
visit our HGTV Video page. Running time is 7 minutes.

You are under no obligation to buy if you merely wish to just inquire about the service that we provide. We do not share your information with anybody.

We can provide you with an estimate and we can discuss elements of the furniture before you make any decisions as we will review all of the details about your order before you place it. This way you know exactly what you are getting for a set price. At this time, payment information is not necessary. 

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Customers outside the US use this form for purchase information of furniture, upholstery fabrics, lamps, accessories & wall decor.

Ordering Information

For all furniture orders we require a NON-REFUNDABLE 60% deposit at the time the order is placed and payment in full is necessary prior to shipping or delivery.

Orders are delivered or shipped in approximately  eight to ten weeks from the receipt of your deposit. This time will vary depending on the complexity of the pieces you ordered.

Unless otherwise indicated prices do not include shipping. Personal checks, American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards are accepted. Check our company trading policies.

The Ordering Process

Dear Valued Customer & Visitor:

We at Great Southwest Furniture Design, Inc. appreciate your interest in our custom products and we'll be happy to assist you to become another satisfied customer & owner of our exquisite furniture.

To give you an idea of the process first you want to choose a design for the furniture from the different models we create. This is the part you might spend more time. If no significant changes have to be made on design we can provide you dimensions and drawings if necessary and you review them. If custom changes are required we'll prepare new drawings for you. We can give you an estimated time for your pieces to be ready.

Once a design has been chosen you can place your order and we'll schedule production. As far as stain colors & fabrics this is the last part of the process and you'll have plenty of time to decide for this two choices. You let us know what stains and fabrics you want to see and we'll send it to you and make final decision.

You can either have us to deliver your order or you can pick furniture in Las Vegas, NV. If delivery is requested we'll get a quote. Our website features a video produced by HGTV and will also help you to learn more about our company & products.

Our office in Las Vegas just recently open and have some furniture pieces on display and currently we're making more to furnish the office/store. If you're willing to come to Las Vegas, NV just give us a call ahead of time so we can arrange to have stain & fabric samples you want to see and make your visit productive. We might not have on the floor the exact model you like but you'll be able to preview other pieces that share same quality & craftsmanship.

I hope this give you a better idea of the way we work and feel free to contact us anytime if you need more information.

Our goal has been always to exceed our customers expectations, we're absolutely confident we'll exceed yours too !

Have a great day

The team at Great Southwest Furniture Design, Inc. & My Southwest Style, LLC

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