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Caring For Your Custom Southwest Furniture

Now that you become an owner of a piece or pieces of Southwest furniture we would like to share with you a few tips regarding it's care.

Regular Clean/Dust

We recommend to clean your furniture using a damp cloth. Preferably made of microfiber and to avoid oily furniture cleaners since use of these products will cause build up.


Your furniture when finished at our shop has been sanded, sealed and lacquered, a spill of liquid for example soft drinks, water or wine will not damage the finish you just need to clean the surface as explained above.

Color Changes

Due to a natural process in wood aging, stain color will become lighter depending on the exposure to direct or indirect light. If you notice that your furniture in some areas the intensity of the color looks different, this might be as a result of exposure to direct or indirect sunlight try to move around your furniture to better protected areas. This happens frequently with dining table tops. If you want to balance the contrast try to move the table in the opposite direction, this way the stain will tend to be balanced by exposure to sunlight.

Distress Marks

A typical effect we apply to all our furniture is to add distress marks on table tops and most of the sharp edges. This is not a defect but something done intentionally to add character and to soften sharp edges in angles. This way if you have a scratch or a dent distress marks will help to blend with minor damages.


If for some reason you got a small scratch or dent just buy a small can of stain in the color range of your furniture and apply a small amount with a cloth or cotton swab, repeat this process as necessary. 


Even though lumber used to build your furniture has been kiln dried, lumber holds a certain amount of humidity which dries out over time. This natural process makes the furniture either grow or shrink depending on your particular regional weather conditions. Do not alarm because of this since it's bearably noticeable.

Following these easy steps will give many years to enjoy your furniture, if you have more questions or need more information not covered in this section , feel free to contact us anytime.

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