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The Finishing Process

After your furniture is completed in the carpentry shop, unfinished furniture pieces are transferred to the finishing area in which they are individually sanded or sandblasted, stained, sealed and finally lacquered.

Standard Finish

This is the most popular, the result is a sealed and lacquered smooth surface.

Sandblasted Antique Finish

The results are similar to the wire brushed. At touch you will be able to feel the wood's grain. Color combinations can be done with this finish as well as the standard one, however the effect and results are different the colors are more profound and dramatic. This finish is optional additional charges may apply.

Minwax Stain Colors For Southwest & Old World Furniture

This are some of the stains available. Custom stains are available in any color you might want.

Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stains

Minwax Standard Colors, Our Custom Stains Are Also Available
Cherry Minwax Cherry Stain Special Walnut Minwax Special Walnut Stain
Natural Minwax Natural Stain Golden Oak Minwax Golden Oak Stain
Jacobean Minwax Jacobean Stain Dark Walnut Minwax Dark Walnut
Red Mahogany Minwax Red Mahogany Stain Driftwood Minwax Drift Wood Stain
Ipswich Pine Minwax Ipswich Pine Stain Provincial Minwax Provincial Stain
Early American Minwax Early American Stain Golden Pecan Minwax Golden Pecan Stain
Fruitwood Minwax Fruitwood Stain Puritan Pine Minwax Puritan Pine Stain
Ebony Minwax Ebony Stain Colonial Maple Colonial Maple Stain
Gunstock Minwax Gunstock Stain Red Chestnut Minwax Red Chestnut Stain
Sedona Red Minwax Sedona Red Stain English Chestnut Minwax English Chestnut Stain
Pickled Oak Minwax Pickled Oak Stain Red Oak Minwax Red Oak Stain

The colors shown are for reference purposes only.
They have been reproduced using digital production techniques.

Minwax Stains Minwax catalogs are available at any Sherwin-Williams store

New Mexican Painted Furniture

Our Southwest furniture can also be painted either as accent in carvings or the entire piece. Some of the colors range from Prussian Blue, Chrome Yellow to Vermilion.

Prussian Blue

Chrome Yellow





Great Southwest's Custom Stain Colors

These are examples of some of our custom stains, any color can be matched or created.

Honey, Wagon Route, Coastal Route, Woodridge, Baja Wood, Golden Brown, Desert Sand, Mountain Ash, Anastasia, Ash, Adobe, Light Adobe Light Walnut, Rust and many others.

We can always stain your Southwest & Old World furniture in ANY color of your preference.

Southwest Fabric Selections

Great Southwest's Upholstery Fabric Catalog

Choose from a wide variety of upholstery fabrics in popular Southwestern, Western & Solid Theme Colors. Our catalog includes Chenille, Jacquard, Tapestry. From Natural & Synthetic materials such as cotton, olefin, polyester and acrylics. Browse our new line of Southwest style table runners.

Southwest Upholstery Fabrics

Aurora Sofa, Back Cushions Saguaro Desert Sunset Fabric

Back cushions upholstered with "Saguaro, Desert Sunset" chenille from our Western upholstery fabrics catalog. This Southwest piece of furniture can also be made as a sofa only.

Upholstery fabrics are also sold for your own use.
Due to your particular monitor settings pictures might display different to the actual colors. Pictures have been reproduced using digital production techniques which affect the way you see them.

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