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Salt Cedar Twigs Bedroom Furniture

Salt Cedar Twig Inserts On Wall Bedroom Unit

Salt Cedar Twig Bed Wall Unit 

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A true original from Great southwest Furniture Design, with salt cedar inserts on headboard, side towers and top bridge. This model is fully customizable and twigs can be incorporated into regular beds of all sizes. From king to twin.

Salt Cedar or Tamarisk twig inserts are made with tree branches grown along streams in northern New Mexico. The labor-intensive technique entails hand-picking, drying, cutting, and hand-placing branches into panels. Salt Cedar has an intense red or maroon color. Twigs start turning this color in March.

Full Size  Price $ 3,895

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Salt Cedar Twig Application On Cabinet Door Panels

Taos Pie Safe With Salt Cedar Twig Inserts In Door Panels 1     Taos Pies Safe Cabinet With Salt Cedar Twig Inserts 2

Taos Pie Safes With Tamarisk, Salt Cedar Twig Inserts

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Salt Cedar (Tamarisk) Twig

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