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Frequently Asked Questions For Custom Southwest Furniture

These are some of our most frequently asked questions by our visitors.

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How Is Furniture Produced? - Techniques, Materials

We got a dedicated web page to explain how we make our furniture.

How Long It Takes To Finish An Order?

Small orders are usually finished in 4 to 6 after order was placed.

For large, complex & heavily carved furniture orders our current lay out time is 6 to 10 weeks to complete.

Time frames are estimated and subject to change according to our work loads.

For more information you can always contact us by phone or email.

How To Order Furniture

Fill our purchase order form, we'll get back to you with information. Some pieces can be ordered online.

Forms Of Payment We accept

Major credit cards, PayPal & personal checks are accepted.

Shipping Information

Depending on location we can deliver or crate & ship.


NM sales tax applies


Wide variety of fabrics, subject to availability.

Warranty Information

Follow link above for specific information & details

Policies For Online Orders

Special policies apply to online orders

Do you have catalogs?

Great Southwest Furniture Design does not offer printed catalogs. Due to the nature and variety of customization we update our web catalog (this website) on a daily basis with information and pictures of our most recent production. We also publish to our weblog latest additions. You can subscribe and receive updates of latest developments, articles and new product information.

Southwest Furniture Care

Visit this page with tips about caring for your furniture

How can I preview your furniture before ordering?

You can play video online about our company produced by HGTV following this link: Southwest Furniture HGTV

Are furniture pictures in your website originals?

Absolutely, all pictures featured in our website are 100% originals from furniture produced over the years. As an example here's a high resolution picture taken at Valery's home. One of our most loyal customers from Connecticut, she owns several pieces and her furniture is designed & finished according to her wishes. Valery Sutherland is a visual artist preview some of her artwork here in our website's dedicated page

Customer Reviews

Testimonials or customer feedback is a great source of information for our company and prospective customers a dedicated page is now available. Read Customer Reviews.